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Martin Joerss

Senior Partner, Hamburg
A leading expert in the transportation and logistics industry, including shipping and ports. Brings insight to logistics service providers seeking to perform better, and to other companies that need help optimizing their inbound and outbound logistics.

About Martin

Martin has demonstrated expertise and led knowledge development within the firm on shipping and ports, land-based logistics, airlines, rail and a variety of other topics related to transportation and logistics within Asia. His expertise in shipping and logistics has allowed him to contribute advice to teams serving a wide variety of clients who need insight into their supply chain and product distribution. With his deep understanding of how Asian exporters succeed, Martin has also served companies in a wide variety of industries. These clients include mining companies, automobile manufacturers, oil & gas producers, consumer electronics, chemicals, steel, and aerospace.

Martin works with clients across a broad range of industries and topics, as some recent examples illustrate.

  • In shipping, Martin has served a global leader in the container shipping industry (strategy, organization, M&A, and operations), and an Asian shipping company on post-downturn strategy and diagnostics to determine how to make an operational turnaround
  • He led an engagement covering strategic options for one of the largest European container ports and serves leading ports globally on strategy and organization topics
  • In logistics, he has worked with one of the leading logistics integrators globally and in China and the largest logistics player in China (on strategy and organization). He also identified opportunities to improve performance on supply chains to and from China for a leading logistics player in Asia Pacific and led an engagement developing Asian regional strategy for a global package carrier
  • Martin has served the largest airline in China on revenue management, pricing, and organization and one of the largest airports in the world on strategy, organization and operations
  • In other travel and transportation industries, Martin has served one of the largest tour operators in China (on strategy, organization, and IT), an urban transit system in Asia (operational transformation) and a large travel agency (diversification of operations)
  • Martin has also served a large mining company on strategy topics related to how best to transport its product to its customers, helped define a strategy for the finance arm of an automobile manufacturer, and built a business plan for new product line from aerospace company

Prior to joining McKinsey & Company, Martin served as a member of parliament in the state of Hamburg on the committees for finance and science.

Martin holds a PhD in mathematical physics from the University of Hamburg and a diploma in physics from the Free University of Berlin.

Published work

How customer demands are reshaping last-mile delivery,” McKinsey & Company, October 2016

Past experience

State of Hamburg
Member of Parliament


University of Hamburg

Free University of Berlin
Masters, mathematics and physics