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Martin Hirt

Senior Partner, Greater China

A leader in McKinsey’s global Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice and one of the firm's most experienced client counselors on issues of strategy, growth, and business transformation in emerging markets


Martin is one of McKinsey's most experienced client counselors on strategy, growth, and business transformation in emerging markets, helping to improve strategy processes and make the big moves necessary to pull ahead of competitors.

With deep expertise in high tech and telecommunications, Martin assists the CEOs and top executive teams of leading global companies on initiatives related to corporate strategy, M&A, board-related issues, merger management, growth strategy, go-to-market strategy, business-model innovation, end-to-end transformations, and culture change. He counsels Asian companies on global expansion and leading multinationals on growth in Asia. Martin is the coauthor of the highly influential 2018 book Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick: People, Probabilities and Big Moves to Beat the Odds (John Wiley & Sons, 2018) as well as numerous articles on strategy development.

Martin’s previous leadership roles at the firm include heading the global Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice, where he led the development of new areas of expertise and advanced-analytics tools; leading high-tech and telecommunications sector work in Greater China; and managing the Taiwan office. He has extensive experience in the advanced-electronics value chain; branded business models in PC, TV, and mobile devices; and telecommunication services, and advises internet businesses on advanced analytics, capability building, and disruptive online strategies.

Martin is also the leader of Noble Intelligence, an initiative by McKinsey & Company, that helps organizations harness the power of AI for humanitarian causes. To learn more about Martin’s perspectives on today’s top strategy issues, follow him on LinkedIn.

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University Fridericiana Karlsruhe
MA, engineering, economics, and computer science

University of Southern California
MBA, strategy and leadership