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Mark Mintz

Digital Partner, New York
Leads digital and agile transformations, building capabilities to help companies compete and win in the long term

About Mark

Mark is an evangelist for the tremendous potential of agile software development. A veteran application developer with 20 years of experience, he is an expert in applying the agile methodology to improve performance, with over 9 years devoted to the craft. His mission is complete when a company’s software-development team is nimble enough to deliver digital options to their customers ahead of competitors and ahead of the curve.

As the leader of our rapid-digitization team, Mark guides digital and agile transformations for companies in any sector, though he has particular experience working in banking and financial services. His projects typically focus on shifting development to agile methods, defining and engineering a more flexible IT architecture, and helping client personnel build their own capabilities. For example, Mark recently helped a Latin American bank build and launch a digital innovation center and instill the agile capabilities and culture needed to digitize high-impact customer experiences that will transform how the bank engages digitally with its customers.

Mark likes to push his technical skill set, learning new methodologies and honing his abilities in programming languages such as Clojure, JavaScript, and Ruby on Rails.

Before joining Mckinsey Digital, Mark led McKinsey’s internal web and mobile-solutions development teams, including overseeing a global agile transformation for more than 200 IT professionals. He also previously led software-development teams at DoubleClick and Andersen Consulting.

Past experience

Accenture, consultant


State University of New York at Albany
BS, business administration, finance, management information systems