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Marcel Brinkman

Partner, London
Brings deep expertise in energy, private equity and sustainability to his work with energy companies, oilfield services companies, investors and policymakers

About Marcel

Marcel Brinkman is a partner in McKinsey’s London office, where he works with energy companies, oilfield services companies, investors and policymakers on topics in energy, sustainability, and private equity.

Marcel leads McKinsey’s private equity hub in the London office, coordinating our service to the UK private equity market and serving a number of large and mid-cap firms on fund strategy, commercial due diligence and improvement opportunities in their portfolio companies.

In addition, Marcel leads our work on technology and private equity within the global Oil & Gas practice, helping to bring the best of McKinsey’s knowledge of technology and the service sector to our clients in oil and gas companies, oilfield services companies and private equity firms. This cross-fertilisation of perspectives yields deep insight into the development of technology and services for the energy industry.

Marcel’s recent projects include supporting a large energy company in developing its long-term international growth and M&A strategy; leading a strategy review of a major energy company’s alternative energy portfolio, including an assessment of investment opportunities in the wind, solar and biofuels sectors; and leading a strategic due diligence for a private equity company looking to buy a provider of shipping services for the oil and gas industry.

Marcel helped develop McKinsey’s carbon markets model and has extensive experience of supporting businesses and policymakers with climate change challenges. He advised the UK government on the strategy development and organization of the Green Investment Bank; helped a Middle Eastern country assess its emissions profile, establish the abatement potential and define its climate change strategy; and supported the UN high-level advisory group on climate change financing in its assessment of potential sources of finance for developing countries.

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MBA, Business administration

Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc, Finance and monetary economics

Erasmus University Rotterdam
MA, Philosophy