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Marc Berg

Partner, Washington DC
Supports clients, particularly those in the healthcare industry, in improving organizational effectiveness and structures as well as defining operations models and resource requirements

About Marc

Marc has more than 20 years of worldwide experience in helping healthcare organizations and governments improve the value of care, with the goal of achieving higher quality with lower costs. He is a recognized innovative leader in value-based contracting, outcomes measurement, and payment reform. Marc has pioneered several data and analytical services to support organizations and governments in achieving these aims, with a focus on measuring both quality and costs of care from a patient-centric perspective.

Examples of his recent client work include the following:

  • designing and implementing Medicaid value-based payment reform, including development of an acclaimed road map, for a state client, with results of on-target contract and contract negotiations covering more than 1 million additional members in value-based contracts in 2017
  • executing a state’s incentive program for delivery-system reform that supported the creation, organization, governance, performance, and IT strategy of dozens of provider systems jointly serving several million Medicaid members
  • developing and applying a European government ministry’s system of bundled payments for chronic care
  • creating, executing, and evaluating care-contracting strategies for multiple health plans
  • generating and implementing health-quality and patient-safety programs in multiple health systems, with a focus on the operating room, intensive care unit, emergency room, frail and elderly population, admission unit, discharge-management practice, and system-wide care pathways

Marc is the author of several books, scientific articles, and thought-leadership reports on performance measurement and improvement, value-based contracting, and health-IT implementation.

Past experience

Principal and national lead, government healthcare
transformation, KPMG Advisory USA
Industry expert, global health practice

KPMG, the Netherlands
Industry expert, global health practice

Plexus Healthcare Consultancy, the Netherlands
Lead partner

Institute of Health Policy & Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands
Full professor of health policy and management

Maastricht University, Netherlands
Postdoctoral researcher


Maastricht University
MA, health sciences