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Kurt Strovink

Senior PartnerNew York

Coleads our global CEO Initiative to help build great CEOs and CEO counselors; serves life insurance, asset and wealth management, property and casualty, and health insurance companies on strategy, finance, organization, and enterprise transformation.

Kurt coleads McKinsey’s global CEO services and has previously led the firm’s global work in the insurance sector, the Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice in the Americas, the Global Client Council serving priority clients of the firm, and the New York Office. He is a senior partner in the firm’s financial institutions group and has led major McKinsey governance efforts, including reshaping senior partners’ evaluation and development.

Kurt serves life- and wealth-management, property and casualty insurance, health, and asset-management groups on strategy, organization, operations, and transformation. He works with CEOs, CFOs, chief strategy officers, and boards on strategy formulation and execution. He has expertise on strategy across industries, corporate governance, leadership in talent-rich organizations, the future of hybrid work, CEO transitions, and leveraging the role of the CEO as a catalyst for transformation.

He is driven by a desire to help elevate the skills, culture, and purpose of companies and individual leaders. He has served as a counselor to CEOs across industries, working at the intersection of strategy, personal leadership, mission building, and enterprise transformation.

Over the past ten years, Kurt has led pro bono efforts in education, including work with Teach for America, where he was formerly on the national board. He is a member of the board of trustees and the executive committee of Carnegie Hall.

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University of Oxford
PhD, political economics
MPhil, politics (Marshall Scholarship)

Harvard University
BA, economics and philosophy