About Josh

Josh serves financial services, media, and telecommunications clients across a variety of marketing and sales projects. He is an expert in leading transformations in sales and service-to-sales in call centers and field sales in both B2C and B2B and specializes in using marketing insights to build capabilities and drive transformational change on the front line.

Josh’s recent experience includes the following:

  • leading a call center service-to-sales (S2S) transformation for a credit card issuer, using consumer insights–such as the consumer decision journey–and a market map to align the offer portfolio to customer needs, providing a foundation for upskilled representativess to have needs-based dialogues with customers; this resulted in a 6x improvement in second-card cross-sell across three call centers
  • developing a multiphase S2S transformation for a regional consumer bank, doubling channel sales across customer-care, credit-card, mortgage and loan-servicing, and digital-care channels
  • leading a digital ad-sales call-center transformation, developing a new sales strategy and team structure, and redefining critical sales roles and processes to produce a 30 percent lift in agent productivity and total sales in the shortest possible time
  • building a proof-of-concept pilot to convert a portion of an insurance company’s B2C service call center from a lead center for captive advisors to a direct-to-consumer business, tying digital lead development at the top of the funnel to specific skills and capability development with agents in the center
  • developing an SMB field sales transformation for a large US telecom provider, proving the value of agent upskilling in a series of regional pilots and rolling out the curriculum across the national footprint, resulting in 10 percent in topline revenue growth over 12 months

Before joining McKinsey, Josh spent 10 years teaching in higher education. He retains a deep interest in public history and humanities education and is an avid distance runner and hiker.

Published work

Western Union and the Creation of the American Corporate Order, 1845–1893,” Cambridge University Press, June 2013

A New Course: Converting a Passion for History into a Private Sector Career,” American Historical Association, January 2014


Columbia University
PhD, history

Amherst College
BA, history