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Jamie Koenig

PartnerNew York

Helps clients manage portfolios and maximize value through complex transactions such as spin-offs, divestitures, IPOs, and integrations

Jamie is a leader in McKinsey’s Strategy & Corporate Finance practice, helping executives on their most important topics including corporate and portfolio strategy, transactions, capital markets, and investor relations. He works across sectors, including industrials, materials and distributors, logistics, and life sciences, and has helped companies execute more than 150 transactions to date.

To unlock step change performance, Jamie anchors ambitious strategies in the practical realities of what an organization can deliver, building on his pre-McKinsey background in accounting and technical functional integration and transformation.

Examples of Jamie’s recent client work include:

  • leading the spin-off of a global life sciences company
  • developing the investor equity story for a global semiconductor company
  • preparing the five-year growth strategy for an industrials company and facilitating the board’s offsite strategy
  • helping an insurer scope and plan the divestiture of a large US business unit
  • evaluating the portfolio of a medical device company to identify potential divestiture targets and areas to pursue acquisitions
  • advising a technology services provider on its Nasdaq IPO preparation

Before joining McKinsey, Jamie was a director in KPMG’s M&A team in New York, where he immigrated to in 2013. He started his career as an accountant at PwC in Sydney, Australia, and is a qualified CPA in New York, as well as a chartered accountant, project management professional, and CFA.


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