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Fredrik Dahlqvist

Senior PartnerStockholm

Coleads our Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice globally, advises private equity companies, government holding corporations, pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers on ownership strategy, policy, and transactions

Fredrik coleads our Private Equity & Principal Investors Practice globally, is the leader for Europe and for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Fredrik specializes in serving principal investors, such as private equity companies and government holding corporations, as well as government offices at large, on ownership strategy, policy, and transactions. In addition, Fredrik serves institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers. Fredrik’s expertise covers several sectors, given the breadth of his clients, but he has a particular focus on financial services with both corporate and private equity clients across insurance, asset management, and banking.

His body of work includes helping with large transformation programs for portfolio companies and corporates, as well as leading transformational transaction-related work, such as carve-outs of non-core entities from corporate groups and readying them for exit. In addition, Fredrik is one of our most experienced post-merger-management leaders, including transactions across financial services, payments, and industrials across EMEA. On the transaction side, Fredrik has led numerous buy-side transaction processes as an advisor for private equity as well as corporates.

Fredrik also serves government ownership groups both in Northern Europe and across EMEA on topics such as restructuring, strategy, and transactions. Notably, Fredrik has served clients on several privatization processes, including in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, inspections, energy, and banking.

Published work

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Past experience

RBS Sempra Commodities (now JPMorgan Chase & Co.)


Norwegian School of Economics
MSc, finance

New York University
BS, international economics