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Florian Weig

Senior Partner, Munich
Uses his expertise in operational improvement and product development to advise industrial clients—from semiconductor manufacturers to automotive companies—as they improve their products and R&D processes

About Florian

From McKinsey's Munich Office, Florian leads our work in product development globally and advises clients on a range of operational issues, including time-to-market improvement, product improvement, and product cost reduction. He has extensive experience guiding multi-year operational transformation programs with a focus on improving research and development performance, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Since joining McKinsey in 1999, Florian has served a wide range of technical and manufacturing clients. Formerly based in our Silicon Valley office, he is particularly passionate about the development of technology—including semiconductors and software—and the strategic and operational challenges these industries pose for his clients in the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

Florian has worked with both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the automotive, machinery and electronics industries, and in the semiconductor sector he has advised equipment companies, integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), foundries, and fabless companies.

Examples of his recent work include:

  • Designing and executing a development excellence and efficiency program at a global automotive OEM, including step changes in organizational set up, performance management, and team effectiveness and efficiency (“lean R&D”)
  • Developing a software strategy and operations for a leading provider of equipment in the construction industry
  • Guiding a development efficiency program at a leading engineering provider in the automotive industry; introduced new tools for R&D budgeting and control across numerous sites and functions
  • Designing a management system for a market-leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer; support included coaching the business unit team in adopting the new system
  • Improving core processes, streamlining critical tools, and introducing stringent performance management processes to turn around a foundry's fabless manufacturing operation
  • Leading a comprehensive design-to-value project for a manufacturer of small electronics and major appliances targeting the Indian market with a new product line
  • Advising a memory IDM on a process transformation which substantially reduced time to market; the engagement included restructuring predevelopment work, accelerating R&D wafer experiments, and introducing lean engineering principles
  • Helping a semiconductor industry leader grow its market share through new technology and customer strategies

Published work

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Friedrich Schiller University of Jena
PhD, economic geography

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Diploma, physics