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Dean Silverman

Partner, Washington DC
Expert in utilizing analytics-driven innovation to help large public-sector agencies and private-sector companies materially improve citizen services, accelerate performance and sustainably enhance organizational capabilities

About Dean

Dean, a leader in our Public Sector and Advanced Analytics Practices, advises clients around the globe on public finance and social benefits, and works with public agencies at the federal, state, and local levels to transform their impact through the innovative use of data analytics and “test-and-learn” approaches. He is domain leader in the Advanced Analytics Practice for Tax and Public Benefits, with responsibilities that include strategy; the development and implementation of programs for improving revenue generation, compliance, collections, fraud, benefit eligibility and payment integrity; and building agencies’ internal analytics capabilities.

Dean has over 30 years of experience leading data-driven innovation programs, developing private sector corporate and business strategies, and applying private-sector best practices to public-sector revenue generation, payment integrity, and innovation initiatives. Earlier, Dean had been senior adviser to the commissioner and head of data analytics and strategic-innovation efforts at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), where he founded and ran the IRS Office of Compliance Analytics, widely recognized as best in class for public-sector analytics. After leaving the IRS, he was a senior adviser at Intuit, where he helped pioneer a ground-breaking private–public partnership between industry, the IRS, and state departments of revenue in the United States to fight refund fraud.

Past experience

Internal Revenue Service
Senior adviser to the commissioner; Founder and director of the Office of Compliance Analytics

Senior adviser to the CEO, General counsel, and CTO

Oliver Wyman
Senior adviser; Former head of worldwide strategy and R&D for Mercer/Oliver Wyman

Strategic Planning Associates
Executive vice president


Columbia University School of Law

Yale University