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Daniel Sujo

Daniel Sujo

Advises banks and other financial institutions looking to make a leap in their use of digital platforms and technologies

Daniel aspires to make financial systems—and the banks within them—function better by unlocking the power of digital transformation.

Since joining McKinsey in 2003, Daniel has worked in several industries, though his main focus has been advising financial-sector institutions. Advising executives across North, Central, and South America, he fosters strategic growth and improves corporate finance. In recent years, Daniel has honed his expertise in how to make the best use of digital technology to reshape the landscape of retail banking.

Taking a digital lens, Daniel helps executives achieve better performance. He has helped establish new and better metrics for credit decisions. He has also bridged the divide between retail and other channels by finding innovative third-party partnerships. For customers, Daniel looks for ways to smooth the application process for credit or personal loans—with a leaner operation on the back end.

Daniel has set his focus on improving vast systems. For example, he has led a project to help a national banking association set recommendations to increase digital payments across the country. He also homes in on smaller but crucial elements, like the customer journey—redesigning the customer experience end to end while digitizing both front- and back-end processes.

A graduate of the Stanford graduate school of business, Daniel also holds a degree in computer engineering.

Published Work

The digital transformation of merchant credit,” McKinsey & Company, July 2013


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
BS, computer engineering