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Bryan Hancock

Supports private, public, and social sector clients through expertise in talent management, organizational design, and workforce development

Bryan is the global leader of McKinsey’s talent work. He has served a wide range of talent-intensive businesses, leading employers in sectors such as retail, transportation, logistics, healthcare, banking, asset management, and oil and gas.

Throughout his career, Bryan has served a wide range of private, public, and social sector clients—including those focused on education and workforce development—and has served multiple higher-education institutions on their organization and strategy. In addition, he has codeveloped workforce-development programs that link educational programs to employer needs. Bryan has also served multiple foundations on their education and economic-development initiatives. He represents McKinsey on the Rework America Business Network.

In addition to his client service, Bryan holds several people leadership roles within McKinsey. He works closely with the firm’s people analytics function, and he sits on the board of McKinsey’s People Insights solution.

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