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Bastien Puech

Associate Partner, Hanoi
Brings deep expertise in generating sustainable economic growth to help public and private-sector leaders design and deliver ambitious strategies.

About Bastien

Bastien is an Associate Partner in our Hanoi office. He has worked in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia and across multiple industries including telecommunications, technology, media, energy, banking, and infrastructure. Bastien advises C-suite leaders and high-ranking government officials on topics related to economic growth, strategy, digital transformation, operational improvements, and public-private partnerships.

An expert in international development, Bastien is a strong believer in the potential of emerging economies to leapfrog into the digital world. Bastien moved to Myanmar in 2013 where he worked closely with union ministers, international firms, and local private groups to help steer its economic and countrywide transformation. Prior to working in Asia, Bastien advised local public and private leaders in North Africa on major strategic issues including a country’s 2020 economic growth strategy, free trade agreements review, export boost strategy, highway infrastructure program, broadband and mobile telecoms services development, logistics, and tourism services development.

Other examples of Bastien’s client work include:

  • advising a national government in its telecom liberalization – including international tender design, new license allocation, and regulations
  • supporting the design of a long-term master plan for a multi-billion dollar infrastructure program
  • guiding the commercial and organization transformation of an incumbent operator at scale; topics included public-private partnership, branding, offer design, go to market, and capability building.
  • helping local groups develop and deliver ambitious growth plans and leverage the opportunities offered through digitization and economic opening
  • assisting several Fortune 500 firms with market entry strategy and board-making decision processes to invest in countries.


Télécom ParisTech
MSc in digital economy and networks technologies

École Polytechnique
MSc in advanced mathematics and physics