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Anirudh Patil

Director, India Knowledge Centers Strategy & Operations
Leads the McKinsey India Knowledge Centers in Gurugram and Chennai, providing industry and functional expertise, advanced analytics, business research, and proprietary tools and data

About Anirudh

Anirudh oversees nearly 1,000 professionals in Gurugram and Chennai, who provide knowledge and analytics services to consulting teams across the firm and ongoing IT, finance, management-information-system, and customer-relationship-management support.

He joined the McKinsey Singapore office in 2004 as a consultant where he served clients in the high-tech and telecommunications industries. In early 2013, he joined the McKinsey India Knowledge Center (McKC) seeing an exciting opportunity to drive change and stand at the cutting edge of innovation for the firm.

Anirudh has worked closely with his colleagues to create an open culture and promote cross collaboration across every aspect of McKC’s work. Recently, he introduced three new “spider” teams that help incubate new capabilities, develop new leadership talent, promote diversity, and encourage greater external outreach throughout McKC.

Anirudh is positioning McKC to play an integral role at the forefront of the firm’s innovative knowledge and analytical capabilities. He wants to foster a spirit of bold experimentation and identify and develop high-potential talent, even as he ensures that McKC remains cost effective.

Outside McKinsey, Anirudh and his wife teach science part-time through the Sunday Science School, which was established to help children ages 10 to 15 go beyond their textbooks and learn science through hands-on experimentation.

Past experience

FCI Electronics, vice-president, global products and strategy

Alcatel-Lucent Asia-Pacific, head of marketing



Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship
PGDM, marketing

University of Mumbai
BS, engineering