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Angelika Reich


Drives impact from large-scale organizational transformation while addressing workforce challenges created by industry disruption and technology

Angelika advises companies across multiple sectors, with particular depth in technology, telecommunications, and advanced industries. A leader in our People & Organizational Performance Practice, she focuses on the ways emerging technology is changing the workplace and shifting the skills companies will need to remain competitive.

With expertise for addressing a range of organizational challenges, Angelika often guides large-scale transformation efforts. She also helps leaders take steps to address disruptive changes from digitalization and other trends, finding opportunities to upskill and reskill their workforces.

Examples of Angelika’s recent client work include the following:

  • helping a global technology company develop a new people and learning strategy
  • supporting a digital services company through a reskilling and upskilling effort addressing one third of their workforce
  • working with a telecommunications company to establish a hybrid remote operating model and new ways of working
  • guiding several companies in the technology and telecommunications industries through initiatives to set up agile corporate centers and support functions

Angelika publishes frequently on the topics of workforce reskilling and the future of work. Before joining McKinsey, she was a neurocognitive researcher with a focus on artificial intelligence and psychology. She has a PhD in human biology and applied psychology.

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Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
PhD, human biology and applied psychology

Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg
Diploma, psychology