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Professional Development Manager, Stamford

Beyond the work with clients, what’s unique about McKinsey is both the extraordinary people we recruit and the ability to choose my own path.

About Romain

I trained as an engineer, but it was clear early on that I was more attracted to business. Some friends and I created an Internet start-up in high school. It was quite successful for a while, but it crashed with the tech bubble. I dream of founding another company one day, but first I want to understand how businesses work from the inside—what makes them and their people thrive. Even after studying in France and the US and with an internship in banking under my belt, I didn’t have a particular industry that I was passionate about. Consulting was the obvious choice, for the breadth of experiences and the speed in which I would learn.

Extraordinary opportunities for growth

Like most people, I didn’t plan on staying as long as I have! It’s a demanding job, but the problem levels that we get to deal with are unparalleled. One project was about helping a client decide whether it should invest $1 billion to build a dedicated factory for a new technology (we agreed it was a good idea―and they did invest). Another was helping a client prepare for a difficult contract negotiation with customers. We sat down and played the negotiation as if I were the customer. Our clients were armed with the right facts for the negotiation and ended up doing much better than expected.

Sustainable work/life balance

It’s important to me to keep a good personal balance with work and to find the time to pursue passions and hobbies. I have been taking advantage of McKinsey’s flexible “Take Time” program for over a year now—meaning that I work full-time while on an engagement, but I can take time off in between. While I was off, I earned my commercial pilot license and traveled to New Zealand. We are fortunate that our project-based work lends itself so well to this kind of flexibility.

Learning, energizing, rejuvenating

Beyond the work with clients, what’s truly unique about McKinsey is both the extraordinary people we recruit, and the ability to choose my own path in what I find exciting. I am invested in our recruiting and training―both are energizing and rejuvenating for me. The personal growth and development I’ve experienced through our training programs is a large part of why I’m still here. And, I get to pass on that excitement to the next generation by helping to select our new recruits and then coaching them to become leaders.


École Centrale Paris

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SM and MEng