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Rapid revenue recovery after the crisis: Strategies for success

– The COVID-19 pandemic has upended norms about retail, brand loyalty, and consumer behavior. That’s creating both a massive challenge and a rare opportunity for bold players to accelerate growth.

The energy-sector threat: How to address cybersecurity vulnerabilities

– Electric-power and gas companies are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks, but a structured approach that applies communication, organizational, and process frameworks can significantly reduce cyber-related risks.

Boards in the time of coronavirus

– Boards need to step up their game and guide their organizations toward the next normal.



Did online delivery kill the vending machine?

– Not in Japan, says Costin Mandrea, the head of commercial at Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Inc., who’s making its vast network... of unmanned retailers smarter and more integrated into people’s daily lives.
Interview - Learn to Leap #13

How incumbents can lay the foundations for hypergrowth

– To accelerate core-business and new-digital-business growth, established companies should adopt the best practices of successful... start-ups.

How new leaders of federal agencies can set up a great front office

– Consciously shaping the relationship between the director and the deputy director is critical for effective governance.

The data gambit: How large B2B companies can outmaneuver start-ups

– Incumbents often overlook the value of their most significant asset: their own data.

Redesigning public-sector customer experiences for equity

– Customer experiences that consider the needs and values of diverse constituents can produce more equitable government services.

Seven tips for success for new chiefs of staff at federal government agencies

– Incoming chiefs of staff have a wide array of responsibilities to fulfill and need to define clear objectives for their tenure.... These seven tips can help them successfully execute their roles.

Indonesia’s Traveloka finds strength in local markets amid the pandemic

– Traveloka president Henry Hendrawan discusses how the online travel unicorn has rebounded by helping travelers in Southeast Asia... find—and finance—fun close to home.

Navigating the first 100 days: Lessons from former US cabinet members

– Five management steps can help new US executive federal appointees ensure a successful first 100 days in office.

Lessons from growth outperformers in logistics

– Industry players can learn from past crises when setting their growth ambitions during a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Moving digital health forward: Lessons on business building

– Building a successful digital health business involves several strategic steps, as illustrated through the lens of six digital... health start-ups.

The diversity imperative in retail

– Consumers are expecting more from brands than ever before, and the cost is high for retailers that don’t take action on... racial equity, diversity, and inclusion.
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