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Associate Partner

McKinsey is truly a global firm. I love the diversity of personalities, nationalities, interests, and ages that I encounter in our offices.

Choosing McKinsey

McKinsey is unique in that you get to work with large, high-profile companies on their most challenging problems, and you’re able to do this all around the world.

Expectations for McKinsey

At McKinsey, you are given a lot of responsibility and independence, but it happens in a collaborative environment. In my first week as an intern, I worked independently on my own parts of a bigger project and regularly checked in with my teammates to ask for help and discuss how to proceed. My teammates and I challenged each other on how to advance our work in joint problem-solving sessions, a regular part of the McKinsey working environment. The ability to work individually motivated me and gave me a sense of responsibility, but because it happened in a collaborative manner, I learned a lot from the experience.

Rewarding and meaningful experiences

A couple of months after joining McKinsey full-time, I worked on a renewable-energy strategy for a European government. The fact that this report might help shape a large country’s future energy strategy was somewhat intimidating, but in the end it made the whole experience a lot more rewarding.

Best things about working at McKinsey Norway

The best thing is the diversity of personalities, nationalities, interests, and ages in the office. The common denominator is that everyone is very ambitious, eager to learn, and sociable. This makes the office a great place to challenge yourself, learn new things, and, most importantly, have fun!

Advice for applying to McKinsey

Given my engineering background, I spent my college years solving problems, and it turns out that this problem-solving experience is useful in all stages of consulting work. Whether you’re devising a future business strategy for a health care company or building a quantitative business plan, the ability to structure and solve a problem is crucial—and that’s exactly what most engineering students spend their school years doing. In a typical project, you will work with people from a variety of academic backgrounds, such as engineering, medicine, or law. You may be surprised by how useful and attractive your unique background can be.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BSc, electrical engineering and computer science