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I never expected to be so diligently coached and generously trusted as I was from day one.

Choosing McKinsey

I chose the people. McKinsey starts and ends with the people who work at the firm. As a student, I was lucky to attend several recruiting events where McKinsey participated. Each time and again, the people I met from McKinsey really amazed me with their diverse backgrounds, inspiring ambitions, and genuine kindness. In the end, all I wanted was to work with these great people, and fortunately this is what I do today.

Expectations for working at McKinsey

To be honest, I was quite careful not to allow myself too many expectations. I did not really have friends or family who knew more about working at McKinsey than myself, so I tried to keep an open attitude to whatever experience I would eventually face. Luckily, it turns out that working at McKinsey is both fun and sustainable, if you have a curious mind. I never expected to be so diligently coached and generously trusted as I was from day one. Also, I am surprised and very grateful for the rewarding social aspect of my cohort and the Oslo office. People take good care of you and we have a lot of fun.

Rewarding and meaningful experience

In my latest project, I have had the opportunity to work closely with senior management in driving their culture and change management agenda, two topics close to my heart. It has been rewarding to see their appreciation of our team bringing a systematic approach and rigorous analyses to what most people would look at as “soft topics.” It has truly felt like we have had an impact and created value for our client, while at the same time learning a lot from both the clients and the process.

Charting my own course

Among the many office initiatives that we have besides our client work, I have had the opportunity to pursue my passions for leadership development and start-ups. I have been able to contribute to boosting Norway’s next generation of women leaders through McKinsey’s Young Women Leadership Program (YWLP). I have also taken the opportunity to support and get involved in the Norwegian start-up community through Fuel by McKinsey and our Oslo Ignition Club. These unique opportunities to make a difference in society, in line with my passions, truly excite me about working at McKinsey.

Collaborating with colleagues

One of McKinsey’s greatest assets is our network of colleagues, alumni, and internal and external experts. Within the hour of a request, you could be on the phone with senior partners or former CXO’s trying to help you with whatever problem you are tackling. No matter your tenure, it feels very empowering when your team manages to fully leverage this amazing network of professionals to generate unique insights for our clients.


Norwegian School of Economics
MSc, finance

CEMS: The Global Alliance in Management Education
MA, international management