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McKinsey’s feedback culture makes me feel appreciated. My colleagues truly care about my development.

Choosing McKinsey

As an engineering student, I was drawn to consultancy because of the opportunity to solve complex problems and continuously be exposed to new situations. In my fourth year, I attended a recruiting event with McKinsey Digital. At the time, I had some perspective on what consulting was, but was struggling to differentiate among the firms. I was pleasantly surprised by the positive, inspiring, and genuine people I met from McKinsey. I quickly decided that these were the people I wanted as my colleagues.

Developing professionally

The focus and attention given to my personal and professional development is one of the things I appreciate most about McKinsey. The firm offers some of the most complex and challenging problems in the business world, but always in an environment where everyone wants you to succeed and helps you do so.

The strong feedback culture at McKinsey makes me feel appreciated, and it is evident that my colleagues truly care about my development. Feedback comes in a variety of ways, including weekly feedback sessions with the engagement manager on a client project, informal feedback throughout the day on the work that I do, and an extensive, strength-based, semi-annual review. These factors all contribute to an environment of constant development and healthy challenge.

Amazing opportunities

I believe that McKinsey’s global presence is really unique. This means that from my first day in McKinsey, I have access to a much larger pool of potential projects than I would with any other firm. This is something I have taken advantage of; for instance, I worked in five different countries during my first year, in addition to trainings in four different countries. The global model also impacts our daily work; we leverage all of McKinsey’s resources and global knowledge network for every project, bringing the best possible solutions to our clients.

The best thing about working at McKinsey

The best thing is the people. I value the social aspect of working in teams where I learn from talented and driven colleagues. We are a mix of people from different backgrounds, which always makes the conversations around the lunch table and in the team room very interesting. Even though we often work on tight schedules, we always find the time to help each other out and have fun in the team room.

Advice for applying to McKinsey

Attend one of our recruiting events. There you will get firsthand knowledge of the work we do and get to know the people who work for us (who could be your future colleagues)!


Norwegian University of Science and Technology
MSc, industrial engineering and technology management

University of Stavanger
BA, sports and outdoor life