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Anders Jørgen Bjørndalen

Engagement Manager

For me, the best part of McKinsey is the amazing people on the team and in the office who continue to inspire me.

Choosing McKinsey

My first real encounter with McKinsey was through an internship in 2014. I was thrilled. It was a dynamic environment with exceptional people—both colleagues and clients. I was asked for and offered my perspectives to senior stakeholders from day one, witnessed the significant impact we made, and enjoyed the rich flexibility with respect to lifestyle balance that the firm offers. Based on these experiences, I was excited to join as a full-time consultant two years later.

The best thing about working at McKinsey

For me, the best part of McKinsey is the amazing people on the team and in the office who continue to inspire me. Their positivity and open-mindedness and the supportive culture create a performance environment where everyone is your coach and you are everyone else’s coach. When working on problems with great significance to our clients and society, it is imperative for me to be surrounded by such exceptional people in a team setting.

The scope and importance of our work is humbling. As a young professional, you have access to senior stakeholders in large corporations and public offices who leverage your perspectives in key decisions. When working full speed on a specific topic with the expert and research support our global firm has to offer, you become an expert yourself.

Another thing that really makes me excited about McKinsey is that the firm understands that people value flexibility. To “make your McKinsey,” you are encouraged to seek out your flexibility needs and energizing opportunities. The team understands the value of your appointments. For example, I once travelled 600 km on a Tuesday evening to join my friends for a concert.

Rewarding and meaningful experiences

Throughout my first years at McKinsey, I have worked with a range of clients, from major corporations in the high-tech, telecommunications, and consumer industries to those in the energy and materials space. One of the most memorable experiences was supporting a large country in its assessment of how it would support and meet future broadband technologies. What made this experience particularly rewarding was the scope of investments and tangible productivity gains for most of the country’s population.

Developing professionally

McKinsey has taught me how to move from commercial idea to impact in weeks or months. In school, most of my courses were focused on the analytical stage of problem solving; however, this is only one of the steps between idea and impact. From an early tenure in McKinsey, you are expected to own and define your workstream, continuously structure any tasks or problems into workable chunks, prioritize, run analyses, and synthesize findings—all while creating a memorable client experience that enables swift execution. Having this tool kit at my fingertips makes me confident about my approach to many abstract and seemingly complex problems.

Advice for applying to McKinsey

Come to our company presentations, get to know our colleagues, and try to assess whether our culture and scope of work are a good match for you. Identify the themes that you think differentiate McKinsey from any other option you consider (such as a different industry), and ask our colleagues how they made the assessment before joining.


London School of Economics
MS, finance and private equity

NHH Norwegian School of Economics
BS, business administration