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Jop Gerritsen


Supports clients in building up modern digital capabilities to build and scale new businesses, transforming current business capabilities through technology.

Jop plays a global leadership role in Leap by McKinsey. He is enthusiastic about transforming clients in tech and tech-enabled companies, from building new businesses to transforming current ways of working radically and attracting a new type of talent into a company. Applying and deploying cutting-edge technologies and analytics are naturally part of such journeys, and Jop likes not only to design but also to kick-start and accelerate these efforts.

Serving clients in various industries, Jop is most passionate about those sectors in which the changing needs of the consumer play a critical role in how a company needs to act and transform.

Examples of Jop’s recent client work include the following:

  • driving the ticketing and distribution strategy and operations of a live entertainment company, doubling EBITDA in five years
  • creating a mobile-enabled personalized health-habit-building experience for a European leading fitness club chain
  • building up a digital unit at an electricity and gas grid operator to form the core of the digital transformation driving a €200 million bottom-line program to facilitate effects of the energy transition


Columbia University

University of Groningen
MS, technology management and artificial intelligence