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Fellow, Amsterdam

The best things about McKinsey Amsterdam

First, I joined McKinsey for the people. There is a very caring culture in our firm. Here, people help you on a professional level and also care deeply about you on a personal level. Second, I really enjoy the strategic and analytical nature of the work we do. Third, but most importantly, our work has significant impact for our clients, and for society. This is the fundamental reason why I enjoy working at McKinsey.

The opportunity to learn

On joining the firm, especially in the beginning, you learn so much just by being in the room and participating in discussions and problem solving sessions. Furthermore, you get a lot of help from your team members for any day-to-day problems you might encounter. Also, McKinsey’s training days are a fantastic way to grow professionally and personally. For example, the last training session I had was about building authentic confidence, which I found very valuable.

Creating social impact

I have worked on so many different projects, with different subjects, but one that stands out for me is the writing of a report on the Dutch social enterprise sector. This sector includes companies whose primary goal is to create social impact. It was fascinating to see the social entrepreneurship and social innovation that exists in the Netherlands, and it was a pleasure to help the sector move to the next phase and have a positive influence on society.

After-hours fun with the firm

The best surprise I’ve had so far was playing in McKinsey’s Europe-Africa soccer tournament in Marrakesh. After a whole day of playing soccer in the burning Moroccan sun, we won the cup and I was named player of the tournament! Even a last-minute ankle injury didn’t ruin a night of celebration in great venues throughout Marrakesh. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I have no doubt that there will be many more to come.


University of Groningen
MSc, Econometrics

University of Groningen
BSc, Econometrics