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Engagement Manager, Amsterdam

Joining McKinsey

I joined McKinsey because I was looking to work with intrinsically-motivated colleagues, to embark on a steep learning curve of continuous personal development, and to find a high degree of diversity across projects, locations, industries, and people. My time here has provided me all those things—and more! My McKinsey colleagues are certainly diverse—one has a theoretical physics PhD from Harvard, and another served in Iraq with the US army. The work I do is varied and interesting—it takes the form of multiple short projects spanning many industries and business functions.

Building trust, delivering real impact

One of my most rewarding projects focused on product development in the automotive industry. We worked closely with the client to identify changes in product design, which reduced the cost of every car they manufactured in their new range.

Another project involved advising a global company on its labour-relations process. I worked with one of the client’s senior executives and got to know him very well, even though he was far more senior than me. He trusted me to advise him on very personal topics, including his interaction with peers.

Achieving work-life balance, and advice for applicants

At McKinsey, I’ve found that it is possible to strike a good balance between a very energizing job and a normal social and personal life. My advice for anyone thinking of applying would be: Go for it! You’ll learn a lot, meet an incredibly diverse group of great people, and work on very exciting projects. McKinsey also creates a lot of opportunities, should you choose to pursue a career outside consulting at some point.


Eindhoven University of Technology
MSc, Mechanical Engineering