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Partner, Amsterdam

Why I chose to join Digital McKinsey

I wanted to work as a consultant and also use my background in IT—at Digital McKinsey, this is possible. I have all the options I would have as a generalist consultant, plus access to additional training, events and projects. On top of that, Digital McKinsey has allowed me to develop a broad expertise in telecom and high tech.

When I had just graduated, I was skeptical that clients would really value my opinion. But I now feel confident in the company of very senior people because McKinsey encourages you to do things outside of your comfort zone. That can be pretty scary, but there is always someone to coach you. Now I manage multiple teams myself, and coaching others is also something that gives me a lot of energy.

Making a major difference with technology

Imagine you are going to design the IT service centre for a large company.  You'll move within the organization between many different people and countries, and focus on topics ranging from regulations to technology to finance. Digital McKinsey projects are multi-faceted. As a consultant, it is very helpful in such situations to be able to speak the language of both the tech and business world. I can verify if the new IT proposals are in line with what the commercial department had in mind.

Also outside of the technology sector you can make a major difference with technology. For example, I worked on the aggregation of a large number of data files that contained health information. With data analytics, healthcare organizations can suddenly offer better diagnoses, or better and easier access to  effective medications.

Inspiring clients and technology

I get the chance to work with extremely knowledgeable people; my inquisitive, driven colleagues and my clients. For instance, I work with former engineers who now head large teams and are transforming the industry. Or a promising young executive who decided it was time to stop all the endless analyses and just take action to really transform the company. He managed to get everyone on board to get started with the radical plan he believed in, and results have been nothing but impressive. This I find inspiring!


London Business School

Erasmus University Rotterdam
BSc, Business Economics

Economics and IT