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Associate Partner, Amsterdam

Joining McKinsey

After graduating from Erasmus University, I tried to set up my own business. While it was a great learning experience, it did not work out. I wanted to find a work environment where I could learn about myself, find my passion, and strengthen my professional and entrepreneurial skills. When I looked into what McKinsey had to offer, I soon realized it was the place for me—it offered a steep learning curve and work in many different industries. What’s more, the people are amazingly diverse: there is no such thing as a standard consultant’s profile. This diversity makes for a very inclusive culture.

The best parts of working at the firm

The most enjoyable part of my work is its direct impact on our clients. In one of my recent projects, for example, we had six weeks to improve the operational performance of a factory. The key to success was to involve all the employees—from the frontline to the management—in the improvement plan. Not only did we improve the factory’s performance dramatically, but we helped energize the workforce, because people were genuinely excited about the new direction of the company.

Amazing opportunities and learning to problem-solve

From an academic point of view, McKinsey enables you to make the most of your talent. However, you are in the driver’s seat, which means your growth is up to you. McKinsey taught me to effectively structure and solve problems, analyze the root causes of these problems, develop recommendations for solutions, and communicate these recommendations effectively. I also had the opportunity to obtain an MBA at INSEAD, supported by McKinsey, which gave me an additional layer of business knowledge.

Giving back

I feel very grateful for the opportunities I’ve received throughout my life, and I believe they come with the responsibility to give back. My personal passion for many years has been to help the Moroccan-Dutch community reach its full potential—so I co-founded GameChangers Academy, which enables young Moroccan-Dutch people to make a positive impact in their communities. The skills I have learned at McKinsey definitely helped me to set up this initiative successfully.



Erasmus University
LL.M, Corporate Law

Tilburg University