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Associate, Amsterdam

Positivity and extraordinary stories

During my studies, I was interested in consulting but I did not want to abandon my technical background. When I heard about Digital McKinsey, I was immediately attracted to the group—it would allow me to combine management consulting with my affinity for technology. However, the crucial factor in my decision to join McKinsey Amsterdam was the people. Everyone I spoke to radiated positivity and a ‘can-do’ attitude—they were all very bright and had extraordinary stories to tell.

Training and support

On my first day at the firm, I was a bit nervous; I thought that my background had not sufficiently prepared me to give advice on how to run a business. However, I received extensive training and quickly learned how to bring the best of the firm to our clients. I also discovered how McKinsey values all of its employees’ ideas and how everyone can make a significant contribution to a project.

For my first project, I presented at a workshop for a big group of senior clients. During the workshop, we found a solution for a problem they had been struggling with for a long time. They were elated—and so was I! The result was the launch of a new product, and I’m always reminded of the impact with my first client whenever I see our “solution” available in stores.

Learning and development

At McKinsey, the diversity of projects and clients forms a great environment to learn and develop at a rapid pace. Working at the firm also gives you a wealth of international exposure and experience. Within five months of joining, I had worked in Spain, Germany, the UK, and the US—and I had built a wide-ranging network of clients as well as colleagues. My network continues not only to support me, but to provide me with lots of valuable feedback, which is an important part of McKinsey’s culture and allows you to grow both personally and professionally.

Advice to applicants

If you are thinking of applying, I would encourage you to attend a recruiting event, as they are great fun and give you a behind-the-scenes perspective.


Delft University of Technology
MSc and BSc, Applied Physics