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Associate Partner, Amsterdam

Seeing the world, learning all the way

When I graduated, I didn't really know which industry I wanted to work in. What attracted me to consulting was the opportunity to work in teams with young and bright people, in different industries and on various topics. So far, I have been able to work in many countries—including Angola, Australia, several across Europe, Nigeria, and South Africa—immersing myself in many cultures. It has been an incredible learning experience on so many levels.

A commitment to development

McKinsey has such a commitment to my development—and that in itself is inspiring and encouraging; there are extensive training programs available. But what I find helps me most personally is the support and coaching I have received from colleagues, both on the teams I’ve worked with as well as from those outside of my projects. Working with these inspirational people has helped me discover my passion and assisted me in finding the right path to create my unique McKinsey journey.

A network of knowledge

There is such a broad knowledge base within the consultants at the firm. We have a large network of dedicated researchers and experts on almost every topic you can think about, as well as consultants and partners who have done similar projects in other countries or other industries. And everybody is always willing to help and share experiences. So when I start a project on a new topic, I know I can quickly build up a solid knowledge base.

Advice to applicants: stay true

My advice to applicants is to see the interview as a mutual process to get to know each other and to help you see if you would like to work at McKinsey. Stay true to yourself, and don't try to be someone else.


Eindhoven University of Technology
MSc/BSc, Industrial Engineering