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Associate, Amsterdam

An opportunity to learn

As a student, I was interested in many subjects. It was like watching one-hour documentaries on National Geographic—I could be deeply interested in a topic for a while, but then easily switch to something completely different. By the time I graduated I found it impossible to choose one specific industry to work in. Consultancy was the perfect answer—McKinsey satisfied my curiosity with a wide range of completely different projects.

International experience, making a difference

I’ve worked on some amazing projects at McKinsey. One memorable project involved improving the Dutch entrepreneurial environment to facilitate the growth of small and medium-sized companies. It’s great to see many of the measures we developed being carried out because they have impacted small businesses, promoting expansion and progress. Another project involved helping a refinery in Texas become more energy efficient. When I arrived in Houston, the client team welcomed me like a long lost friend and showed me the wonders of “good ol’ Texan comfort food.” After that, we worked seamlessly together in finding initiatives to save energy.

Learning and growing with the firm

Alongside the huge variety of available projects at McKinsey, there is also a wide range of training, as well as exposure to industry experts and specialists both in the office and across the firm. A lot of care goes into figuring out what training is right for you at each stage of your career. But the biggest part of my development has come from the work itself, which always pushes me to keep doing and trying new things, surrounded by supportive colleagues.

The best thing about McKinsey Amsterdam

At the Amsterdam office, I’ve found a really exciting and diverse group of colleagues who are truly interested in each other and always want to help out. Without a doubt, the best thing about McKinsey is the people.

Advice to applicants

If you’re thinking of applying, my advice is: apart from practicing your cases, put a lot of preparation into the personal part of the interview. Think of your most meaningful experiences, write down the details, and make your story come to life. Most importantly, be yourself—we really want to get to know you!


Columbia Business School

London School of Economics
MSc, Econometrics & Mathematical Economics

University of Amsterdam
BSc, Econometrics & Operational Research
BSc, Natural & Social Sciences