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Subhen Jeyaindran

Engagement Manager, Kuala Lumpur

The sharp and genuine people I met [while interviewing] made me choose McKinsey.

My path to McKinsey

I grew up in Malaysia and went to London for university. I worked at another consulting firm and, eventually, in a corporate role. After a few years in corporate, I longed for an adventure and decided to return to consulting.

Choosing McKinsey

Interviews are two-way interactions. The firm is assessing me and, at the same time, I am mentally deciding if I would enjoy working here. The sharp and genuine people I met made me choose McKinsey.

Collaboration at McKinsey

The truly collaborative way McKinsey teams work is refreshing. In many other places—including other consulting firms—there is often a top-down approach, where you are expected to follow the guidance of the partner in charge. At McKinsey, you are expected to discuss and challenge suggestions. Every opinion is valued on a McKinsey team.

Charting my own course at McKinsey

I have been able to explore different industries, including the public sector, mining, consumer, and telecommunications. During each project, I’ve always received strong coaching and support from McKinsey team members and leadership.

A truly global Firm

I remember a project where we were helping to develop export strategies across multiple industries. To get the right insights, we needed a range of industry and geography expertise. The incredible thing about McKinsey is that countless senior colleagues from around the world provided expertise and guidance.

Advice for those considering McKinsey

Speak to a few people who work at McKinsey to understand if it would be a good fit for you, and do not be afraid to ask a lot of questions.


London School of Economics
BSc, economics