I am surrounded by passionate and smart people which has continuously inspired me to be better.

Working on interesting and tough issues

The opportunity to work on the most interesting and toughest issues attracted me to McKinsey. My experience in the firm has certainly reinforced my belief of that—I have worked on projects in a number of industries such as education, healthcare, aviation, manufacturing, and the public sector. The amazing colleagues I have worked with makes everything even more enjoyable!

Working together to deliver results

One of the most memorable moments I have had since my time at the firm was when I saw how ecstatic my client was during a successful e-Auction session that resulted in 30 percent savings. We worked hard for nearly a month to prepare and everyone was visibly tired and anxious to see how that hard work would translate into results. When we successfully achieved the savings outcome, all fatigue and anxiety transformed into laughter, excitement, and celebration! As a team, we held three more successful e-Auctions, showing that teamwork and dedication can deliver tangible results.

Passionate and smart people

I am constantly surrounded by passionate and smart people in the Kuala Lumpur office, which has continuously inspired me to challenge myself to be better—both professionally and personally. The insightful discussions we share range from machine learning in healthcare, to economics of museums and circuses, to the improvement of education in Malaysia. The incredible support from colleagues on meaningful causes is also widely encouraged; for example, the Youth Leadership Academy initiative, which was the brainchild of a Business Analyst back in 2007, is still running today, fully supported by the office.

Strong support system

What surprises me most is how supportive and collaborative my colleagues have been. They often go above and beyond to help each other succeed and I am very grateful that I am able to reach out to anyone in the firm to ask about anything, be it work or life—everyone is either a phone call or email away!

Diversity, diversity, diversity

One of the reasons why the Kuala Lumpur office is an exciting place to work is the diversity that we have. Everyone comes from very different backgrounds in the firm—be it educational or professional—which makes for some very interesting stories! My background is quite unconventional; I completed my undergraduate with a commerce degree and then worked for two years teaching at a secondary school, but the best thing is that I have met people ranging from doctors to acrobats!


University of Melbourne
BA, commerce