The amazing mobility options at McKinsey are second to none. In my short three-and-a-half years here, I have worked in Southeast Asia, greater China, the US and the UK—including transferring to the London office for a year and a half.

Widening my knowledge, making a broader difference

I trained in the UK to be a medical doctor and was starting my residency training in the US, but I felt I wanted to have broader impact on the healthcare system as a whole—and widen my knowledge of other sectors. McKinsey was a place that could offer me both of these, as well as challenge me intellectually.

The firm has given me the opportunity to work across healthcare systems, improving clinical operations and reducing mortality rates in the US; helping redefine the healthcare delivery system in the UK to bring better care to people closer to home; and crafting a growth strategy for large healthcare providers in Asia.

Challenging, enriching work—all over the world

The work is constantly engaging and surprising. I have been pushed to do advanced analytics (such as Monte Carlo and cluster analyses) and manage workshops of over 100 people.

If you think management consultancy is about Excel and PowerPoint, think again. I have had the opportunity to pursue my passion for science through doing big data analytics–as well as explore my creative side in designing cutting-edge graphic presentations.

Get to know McKinsey

My advice to anyone with a specialist background like mine who is considering applying to McKinsey is: don’t worry that you will be stuck in your field! Some doctors who joined the firm have gone into totally different industries—like finance, for example—while others have built amazing careers in healthcare. The choice is really yours.

Try to get onto one of the many Insight programs that McKinsey offers around the world. It will expose you to the kind of work we do and give you a taste of what management consultancy is all about.


University of Oxford
BMBCh: BA, medicine and BA, surgery

University of Oxford
BA, medical sciences