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Anusha Rajadorai

Associate, Kuala Lumpur

At McKinsey, collaboration means everyone has a voice and every voice matters.

My Path to McKinsey

Prior to joining McKinsey, I explored central banking in Malaysia, investment banking in London, the foreign banking sector in Myanmar and flexed my entrepreneurship muscle in the US. Throughout this journey, I have been immersed in different environments and cultures and always sought more opportunities to learn. My pursuit of a steep learning curve eventually brought me to McKinsey.

First day at McKinsey

On my first day, I was working with a team I had just met in an industry that was entirely new to me. The partner leading the study turned to me and asked: “What do you think about pricing this product?” Despite the many unknowns, I applied “first principles thinking” and shared my views. From day one, I found that at McKinsey collaboration means everyone has a voice and every voice matters.

Rewarding work experiences

As part of McKinsey’s Leap team, I helped a client build a consumer-focused fintech business from scratch. We brought the energy and pace of a start-up to an established organization. To achieve this, we deployed the full breadth of the firm’s expertise—from data engineers, data scientists, and product owners, to commercial experts.

A home, not an office

Someone once told me to “follow people.", and I have. At McKinsey, I have gained not only colleagues, but also friends, mentors, and sponsors. With these people, I have cracked tough problems for our clients, celebrated personal and professional milestones, and received their support through challenging times.

It’s a balancing act

As a woman, I look up to mothers, wives, and daughters who continue to excel at the firm. McKinsey has many programs, both formal and informal, that support women in achieving this balancing act of fulfilling the personal goals we have and excelling in our careers.

Advice for those considering McKinsey

My advice is to seek adventure, be kind, and commit yourself. It is a privilege to help leading organizations solve their toughest problems. It is a privilege to do this alongside outstanding colleagues. The work is hard, but full of adventure. To succeed here requires kindness and commitment.


Harvard Business School

City, University of London
BSc, actuarial science