I was not looking for an employer, I was looking for a home—a place where I can learn, grow and develop.

Highly motivated people with strong purpose

Prior to joining McKinsey, I knew what I wanted in a workplace. I was not looking for an employer, I was looking for a home—a place where I can learn, grow and develop. When I met the people from the Kuala Lumpur office, I was attracted by the shared sense of purpose—to make a real difference in each piece of client work and to nurture fellow colleagues promoting personal development. Seeing highly intelligent individuals applying themselves to solving some of the toughest challenges faced by organizations as well as genuinely caring about the personal growth of colleagues was a unique combination. I knew I had found my home.

Contributing towards development of a nation

I had the opportunity to serve a public sector client in my first few months. We worked very closely with the client team to create and implement the best solution to a challenge that was affecting the country. This wasn’t about dollars and cents, it was about changing the lives of people in a positive way. The magnitude of the work we did will have lasting impact and to be part of the core team was very rewarding.

Transparent feedback with tangible next steps

Open and honest feedback is a cornerstone of the culture in McKinsey. In the Kuala Lumpur office, both leaders and peers have taken a direct interest in my development and ensuring a positive experience in the firm. I have spent time with my mentor charting out my short-term path and talking about my longer-term aspirations. We then use feedback from the various teams to target specific opportunities to build on my strengths. This system has been a great tool to make me pro-actively think about my growth. The community of people here in the Kuala Lumpur office is close-knit, and often offer advice and guidance—I enjoy this unparalleled caring culture.

Making this ‘My McKinsey’

During my initial days in the firm, I was told about making this firm a place for myself, something we fondly refer to as ‘My McKinsey’ to pursue topics we are personally passionate about and want to make a difference in. I was blown away when I experienced the degree of autonomy given to make something out of this. Driven by interest, I was able to put my hand up and join a senior leadership team who was scoping development opportunities for a country looking to push its frontiers.

Your education provides a foundation, the next step is your choice

My background is in actuarial science. Upon graduation, I joined the investment banking sector before switching into consulting. I believe that we are in an era of such fast-paced changes that the only way to keep up is to build a strong foundation of analytical skills, interpersonal capabilities and creative thinking. Then it’s constant learning and retooling. This can be done in many industries whilst taking on different roles. A consulting career is the perfect way to do this under one umbrella.


Cass Business School, London
BSc (Hons), actuarial science