McKinsey creates an unrivalled environment for exceptional people.

Being involved in the biggest problems facing leading organizations

McKinsey offers me an opportunity to be involved in solving the biggest problems faced by leaders in both the private and public sectors. After graduating university, I spent the formative years of my working career at a state-owned investment arm that controls many of the biggest companies in the country. However, I soon found I wanted to broaden my experience by gaining a strategy-and-operations background. Since joining the firm, I have had the opportunity to serve clients in various industries—including telecommunications, petrochemicals, and transportation—across the region. I am also getting my hands dirty by working side by side with clients going through operational transformations.

Colleagues with a collaborative spirit

Beyond the exposure to different engagements and clients, I love the collaborative spirit between my McKinsey colleagues from all over the world. It’s common to speak to someone based in Europe, the United States, or Australia just to get their input on how we can better serve our clients and solve their toughest challenges. I have also had the chance to meet and get to know colleagues from all over the world, making it easier to ask for dinner recommendations in places as far as Moscow and as close as Bangkok, as I know they’re always a phone call away.

The Kuala Lumpur office is home to exceptional mentors

While the Kuala Lumpur office is known within the firm as a close-knit community with an active social calendar, it also home to many exceptional mentors. Time and again, I have reached out to colleagues here, from senior partners to associates, to seek their advice on personal and professional issues. As they have been through similar career paths, their advice has been valuable for someone who is relatively new to McKinsey. In my time in the firm, I have seen many of these informal mentorships blossom into lifelong friendships.

Apprenticeship and supportive colleagues

My colleagues at McKinsey are the most supportive group of coworkers I have ever had. I truly feel that everyone in the firm is not only fully supportive but also strives to make others’ time at the firm wholly enjoyable.

One of McKinsey’s core values is to create an unrivalled environment for exceptional people, and many of my colleagues embody this through apprenticeship. Whenever there is a new addition to the team, other team members proactively help ensure this person is onboarded seamlessly. I still remember my early days in the firm, where my engagement manager at the time spent 5 hours with me drawing presentations slides in PowerPoint; he also taught me useful tips and tricks to make it easier to use PowerPoint. This one-on-one apprenticeship ensures every new hire is given the opportunity and space to develop as a consultant and, more important, as a person.

The firm is changing—in a good way!

It is never too late to join McKinsey! I joined the firm with close to 10 years of work experience. The firm is growing in many ways to better serve our clients—from digital and analytics to implementation, the opportunities for experienced hires to join the firm are plenty. As part of the McKinsey Implementation (MI) Practice, I have met many colleagues who joined the firm after spending 5-to-20-plus years at the front line of implementation. While MI is unique in terms of its approach—we work onsite, side by side with clients from project initiation through implementation—we are still very much consultants and are here to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance.