Insights from Mobile World Congress

Telco’s moment of reinvention

McKinsey Senior Partner Philipp Nattermann discusses the need and opportunity for telcos to reinvent.

The environment that enables digital transformation

Stephen Creasy, partner at McKinsey, discusses how companies are changing the way in which they work to transform the customer journey and back-end operations.

The use cases that will define 5G

Ferry Grijpink, McKinsey Senior Partner, examines the potential use cases that will drive usage of 5G technology.

What’s next for operators

Jon Fredrik Baksaas, McKinsey Senior Advisor and the former Chairman of GSMA and former CEO of Telenor, explores what is ahead for operators.

Achieving scalability and agility through NFV

McKinsey Partner Martin Wrulich on how telcos can capture the potential of network functions virtualization (NFV).

Advanced analytics: Beyond individual use cases

Pallav Jain, Senior Partner at McKinsey, explores the steps operators can take to scale big data and analytics across the organization.

Seizing the value creation opportunity from data

Gloria Macias-Lizaso, leader of McKinsey’s machine learning hub in Madrid suggests that starting with small analytics initiatives can help leaders to realize the art of the possible through data.

Trialling 5G use cases to define future profitability

McKinsey Partner, Alexandre Menard on how operators would be wise to begin trialling small scale use cases for 5G now in order to define eventual opportunities for profitability and ROI.

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The road to 5G: The inevitable growth of infrastructure cost

– Network cost could double as operators strive to meet demand for increased capacity and deploy 5G. How can they maintain their... profits?

Network sharing and 5G: A turning point for lone riders

– Network sharing will be a key lever to reduce cost and make 5G deployments feasible.

Gene therapy for telecom operators: An interview with Jon Fredrik Baksaas

– The former GSMA chairman and Telenor CEO discusses what telecoms operators need to do to adapt in the new competitive landscape.

Are you ready for 5G?

– Smart operators will consider seven no-regrets moves to position themselves for advantage amid radically changing industry dynamics.

Maximizing value from advanced analytics in telco service operations

– By developing and pursuing high-potential use cases, telcos can unlock hidden value and ignite an analytics-driven transformation.

Accelerating the shift to a next-generation operating model

– Digital-native companies have captured value by mastering the use of next-generation operating models. Now established companies... must race to catch up.

Reducing churn in telecom through advanced analytics

– A comprehensive, analytics-driven approach to base management can help telecom companies reduce churn by as much as 15%.

Hello, mobile operators? This is your age of disruption calling

– Difficult times for operators call for questioning old orthodoxies to win.

How to create an agile organization

– Transforming companies to achieve organizational agility is in its early days but already yielding positive returns. While the... paths can vary, survey findings suggest how to start.

What shoppers really want from personalized marketing

– What customers want and what businesses think they want are often two different things. Here’s what customers are looking... for.

Regaining mobile’s grip on network connectivity

– While mobile operators struggle to tap into adjacent pools of value, they could be overlooking real threats to their core business.

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