Internet of Things

Sensors and ubiquitous connectivity provide the next growth opportunities for companies in all industries.

The Internet of Things presents an enormous opportunity to transform the way we live and do business. McKinsey’s Global Institute predicts IoT will have an economic impact of between $4 trillion and $11 trillion by 2025. Companies can capture value by creating new revenue streams from providing connected solutions and services to consumers and enterprises and by reducing costs in field service operations. Much of the IoT data currently captured, however, is under leveraged. We take an integrated approach to digitizing the physical world to create new insights and business models and to unlock real value for our clients.

How we help our clients

McKinsey Analytics

Learn how we help our clients identify the highest value opportunities to turn data into actionable insights and improved performance.

McKinsey Design

McKinsey Design helps clients drive growth by delivering breakthrough products, services, and experiences. We combine world-class... design talent with a unique multidisciplinary approach to help clients innovate at scale and speed.

Digital Labs

Digital Labs enables organizations to capture new value from digital—creating products, experiences, and businesses through... new capabilities.

Connected Consumer Insights

Connected homes

There's no place like (a connected) home

While device sales are growing rapidly, our latest research shows many consumers don’t understand connected-device value propositions and the problems early adopters face.

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Venkat Atluri

Senior Partner, Chicago
Builds and transforms businesses by pursuing cutting-edge technologies and cross-sector opportunities

Anand Swaminathan

Senior Partner, San Francisco
Enables clients to harness the full potential of technology and digital capabilities to achieve sustainable growth and improve performance

Dominik Wee

Partner, Munich
Leads McKinsey’s global Digital in Automotive & Industrial initiative. Focuses on the topics of Connected Car, Autonomous Driving, and Industry...

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The promise of the connected home

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Video meets the Internet of Things

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Commercial Analytics

Telecom operators can leverage advanced analytics to drive commercial effectiveness throughout the whole organization.

Experience Design

In a slow-growth market, leading telecom operators can differentiate their offerings by designing distinctive customer experiences.

Recovery & Transformation Services

Companies can rapidly transform performance through setting ambitious goals, developing outstanding execution infrastructure and instilling an owners mindset from top to bottom.

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