Experience Design

When redesigning their value proposition, go-to-market, and interaction model, operators find it increasingly difficult to differentiate between traditional drivers of customer choice. Instead, they have turned to customer experience as the key influencer.

Design thinking, analytics, and new digital technology provide the backbone for radical improvements in customer experience. Success lies in reimagining the end-to-end customer journey to create signature customer moments. Companies can accelerate the delivery of a new customer experience by implementing a seamless omnichannel experience, digitizing core business processes, deploying artificial-intelligence platforms to simplify customer interaction, and creating a more agile organization.

Results can be dramatic. A distinctive experience can raise satisfaction by 50 points while reducing churn by 30 basis points. Streamlining and automating processes can cut operating costs by up to half, dramatically improving financial performance.

How we help our clients

McKinsey Design

McKinsey Design helps clients drive growth by delivering breakthrough products, services, and experiences. We combine world-class design talent with a unique multidisciplinary approach to help clients innovate at scale and speed.

Journey Analytics

Provides an integrated view of the customer journey across channels and touchpoints, identifying those that are most and least... effective in order to build strategies around what is working

Digital Labs

Digital Labs enables organizations to capture new value from digital—creating products, experiences, and businesses through... new capabilities.

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Brendan Gaffey

Senior Partner, Dallas
Provides deep insight into consumer digital behaviors for high tech, media, and telecom organizations

Nicolas Maechler

Partner, Paris
Global leader of our work in customer experience, and leads our Marketing & Sales Practice in France

Ruben Schaubroeck

Partner, Antwerp
Advises clients on large-scale transformations, IT strategy, and technological challenges

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How We Help Clients

Learn how we help clients use digital to create value by reinventing the core of their business.

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