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Sithu Phone Myint

Consulting Analyst

At McKinsey, I learn every day. And I have become eager to push myself and overcome any barriers to my growth.

Choosing McKinsey

I chose McKinsey because of the people. I was excited to know that I would be working with genuinely caring, supportive people who are committed to helping me grow.

Developing professionally

When I joined McKinsey, I expected to learn a lot and be challenged to my limits. My experience has confirmed this to be true. I learn every day. And I have become eager to push myself and overcome any barriers to my growth. For instance, when I was brainstorming solutions to a particular client problem and felt I needed to understand the client’s competitive situation in greater depth, I was able to draw on the many resources and experts within the firm. I emerged from that experience more knowledgeable of a niche market and with a winning solution for our client.

Rewarding and meaningful experiences

I remember a project where we were helping a client analyze the implications of a new competitor entering a neighboring market. Data were scarce. The analysis was very complicated, and we worked long hours. In the end, our insights were well received by top management. I will never forget seeing the client’s response that day. And now, watching the client develop strategies that mirror our recommendations remains a highlight for me.

The people at McKinsey

I am amazed by the diverse backgrounds and accomplishments of my colleagues. I met a McKinsey colleague from Bangkok who was an Olympic skier. I have a colleague based in Singapore who was a professional actor at one point. I am a Myanmar citizen, who was born in the Philippines and educated in Thailand, Myanmar, France, and South Africa. We are truly a global firm.

Advice for those considering McKinsey

I have two pieces of advice. One, embrace the challenges that will come with working at McKinsey. Two, do not be afraid to make mistakes. In my opinion, both having a go and taking your mistakes as they come are key to personal and professional growth.


University of London
BSc, banking and finance