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Akshay Kapur

Partner, Chicago
Serves health systems, intermediaries, technology providers, and industry associations, specializing in the development of corporate and business unit strategies, with an emphasis on the shift to consumerism in health insurance

About Akshay

Akshay focuses on health payors, insurers, brokers and consultants, and technology providers. He specializes in the development of corporate and business-unit strategies for healthcare clients, with an emphasis on employer benefits. He is a leader in our commercial payor work, focusing on tangible multilever performance improvement strategies across revenue, medical cost, and admin-efficiency levers.

Prior to McKinsey, Akshay was an associate partner at Booz & Co. He received his MBA from the University of Michigan. He enjoys running, biking, and singing.

Past Experience

Booz & Company (United States)
associate partner


University of Michigan