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Business analyst, Chicago

As a business analyst, you will be expected to contribute meaningfully to finding solutions. It can be challenging, and it’s amazing how fast you grow.

Always exploring

Building a new office was a singular McKinsey opportunity, and I wanted to be a part of it. I couldn’t imagine a better place to start my career than McKinsey. Academically, I used to get bored quickly, but McKinsey gave me a platform to continue exploring. I get to solve all kinds of complex problems with incredible people.

A truly special place to be

I believe “you are who you surround yourself with,” which made joining the Chicago office an easy decision. My peers have wildly different backgrounds and interests, from former careers in medicine to professional sports. Their passion encourages me to pursue my own.

As a Northwestern graduate, I already had a support network in Chicago, so I never imagined I’d be this invested in my work community. The friendships I’ve developed have been inspiring, and they make Fridays—when we are all in the office—the best day of the week. The consultants and staff help me explore and succeed in ways I’d never really thought possible. Having their support gives me the confidence to reach past my comfort zone. It’s truly a special place to be.

Personal and professional development go together

I’ll never forget the first time I presented my work to a senior client. It was my first study, my sixth week at McKinsey, and my project manager had me lead a section of the presentation. I was beyond nervous, but that was the moment I realized that the things I’d heard during recruiting were real. Growth is expected of you when you join, and this forces you to grow.

We own our experience in the office, and we motivate each other to make it the best it can be. We’re also encouraged to plan social events and engage the office in fun activities. This brings exuberance into the office and gets me energized. I think personal development becomes a catalyst for further professional development.

Change the way you see the world

Embrace ambiguity. The people in this office will challenge the way you see the world. That’s an incredible experience. Also, be ready to make some real friends. Happy hours on Fridays will always be my favorite time of the week—relaxing with colleagues, talking about work or our dreams, and planning our weekends. These will be friends you’ll have for a long time.


Northwestern University
BA, economics