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Engagement manager, Chicago

At every decision point in my career at McKinsey, I’ve had many people to turn to for advice—and to me, that’s the most important thing.

Small firm inside a big one

My decision to join McKinsey was directly linked to my decision to join the Business Technology Practice (BT). Going through the recruiting process while at business school, I knew I wanted to stay in consulting. I loved what everyone loves about it—the variety (industry and function), exposure (to senior clients), and interesting problems. But what made me join McKinsey in particular was the firm’s BT practice. Coming from a boutique organization, I was very nervous about getting lost in a big firm. But then I found the practice, which fit my background perfectly, and importantly, provided me with a small firm within the firm. It was a no-brainer for me. I loved the people that I met and felt I would get individual attention. People cared about my personal and professional development from day one.

Women’s leadership in technology

My most inspiring, meaningful and fun experience at McKinsey—so far—has been to work with an awesome team of women to plan one of the BT's marquee women's events, the Women in Technology and Operations Roundtable. We spent months planning it out. About 50 of the most senior women executives in the technology and operations fields came to the event to discuss their most pressing issues. Not only was it an amazing experience to build the content and learn from our impressive internal experts across interesting topics, but it was also incredible to meet all the women, see them interact with each other, and witness the impact the roundtable had on them. We created a rare opportunity for them to sit down and chat with their peers and to think about how they could make their organizations better—for themselves, their teams, and women in general.

Real support—both professional and personal

My office has been tremendously supportive, letting me explore areas that I find interesting while ensuring I build the basic tool kit I need to be a successful consultant. The firm has also been more than supportive of my personal life. When I needed a break from travel and client work, I was able to temporarily take an internal recruiting role, which turned out to be a reinvigorating experience. I am continuously impressed by how much everyone wants to help one another and how open partners are to helping you with whatever you need, from problem solving to page making to just lending an ear.


Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

Northwestern University
BA, economics