Maqdira Fellowship Program

We partner with local universities to create an unrivaled cooperative (co-op) internship experience to build the skills of Saudi undergraduates across the Kingdom

Maqdira is a co-op internship program designed to train and build the skills of Saudi undergraduates and help them gain the key skills needed to prepare them for the workforce.

Through a meticulous and meritocratic selection process, we will identify 20 exceptional senior students from top universities across the Kingdom.

The Maqdira program will be offered to 20 Saudi undergraduates, who will participate in a 7-month internship as part of their graduation program.

Fellows will have exposure to multiple industries, develop business-management skills, and have access to a pool of tenured McKinsey colleagues for mentorship and coaching.

The program

The program will include the following:


Receive 1:1 coaching and guidance from experienced colleagues


In-person training specific to both hard and soft skills


Get exposed to industry experts and function leaders

Digital learning

Access to multiple online-learning modules


Develop expertise by working on different concepts and topics

Leadership assessment

Discuss, analyze, and understand key strengths and opportunities for growth

Program Details

The Maqdira program is for senior students looking to

  • accelerate their overall learning trajectory through mentorship

  • develop the business-management skills required to lead a successful professional career

  • work with a highly motivated group of colleagues and experts

Maqdira program fellows will enjoy the following benefits:

  • exposure to a variety of problems and international styles of working

  • the opportunity to build an understanding of their key strengths based on a detailed leadership assessment

  • training to develop a strong analytical and conceptual problem-solving tool kit


“Maqdira doesn’t only provide you with a unique combination of formal and on-the-job training, with soft and hard skills. It aims to be a moment of self-discovery and a catalyst for your personal-growth journey— wherever you decide to go.”

— Tarek El Sayed, Managing Partner, Saudi Arabia

“As an undergraduate with an engineering background, I was not exposed to nonengineering topics, such as finance or economics. During my internship with McKinsey, I not only worked on these topics but also got exposure to key business-management skills, such as problem solving, effective communication, and critical analysis. This exposure, coupled with my engineering background, helped me come up with unique and independent perspectives across multiple client situations, thereby creating impact.”

—Ibrahim Alangari, graduate of King Fahad University of Petroleum & Minerals and former intern with McKinsey’s Riyadh office

“Thanks to my internship with McKinsey, I had the opportunity to work in multiple sectors, such as petrochemicals, healthcare, economics, and finance. This internship helped me apply the theoretical concepts I learned in university, across real-time client problems. Besides learning opportunities, I also created a network of mentors and industry and function experts across the vast McKinsey network globally, which I will hold on to for the rest of my life.”

—Malak Alajmi, graduate of Al Yamamah University and former intern with McKinsey’s Riyadh office