Qiyada Emerging Leaders

We are committed to helping young leaders in Abu Dhabi fulfill their potential.

Qiyada Emerging Leaders is an initiative that aims to empower promising young professionals in Abu Dhabi to achieve their full leadership potential.

Following a rigorous application and selection process led by talent acquisition specialists ASP AS Partners, Qiyada Emerging Leaders participants embark on a one-year development journey that integrates a wide range of learning formats.

McKinsey invites 20 participants with 3 to 12 years of professional experience who currently lead projects and teams in Abu Dhabi organizations to join us.

The program

The program, conducted from January to December 2022, will include the following:


Leadership-training forums led by distinguished experts to improve your ability to progress as a leader


One-on-one coaching sessions with professional coaches to support the creation of your personal learning journey

Digital learning

Access to mobile-friendly, digital learning modules to help reinforce lessons on your own time

Team building

Networking and team-building exercises to encourage long-term collaboration among participants

Leadership assessment

A 360-degree leadership assessment to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses

MBTI assessment

A personality tool designed to help you understand how you and others perceive the world and make decisions

Why leaders shouldn't be afraid to be vulnerable
February 4, 2021- UAE

Dr Shamma Hamdoon Al Naqbi, Program Chair - Rabdan Academy, shares a personal journey of leadership, and finds that balance, especially in one's self, is key.

“I remember when I was accepted into McKinsey’s Qiyada emerging leaders program – a one-year immersive leadership journey for early-stage professionals. I thought to myself, prepare. Prepare for rigour, for reading, for analytics and for a framework driven approach to leadership”.

I am inspired by the commitment and depth that every participant has brought to the Qiyada program. Their experience, stories and curiosity helped enrich everyone’s experience.

Bassem Terkawi Aberkyn Affiliate Advisor, Lead facilitator in the Qiyada Emerging Leaders program

“What the Qiyada program brings to every participant is to see ourselves and our context as an interconnected whole. When we transform our perspective, through us our surroundings transform, then magic starts to happen, beyond your imagination.”

Welmoed Kronemeijer Aberkyn Affiliate Advisor, Co-lead facilitator in the Qiyada Emerging Leaders program

Program Details

Qiyada is for leaders with:

  • a passion for driving and shaping the future of Abu Dhabi
  • a desire to be inspired to make a difference
  • a commitment to self-development and the development of others
  • an interest in networking with others interested in the future of Abu Dhabi

Participants will walk away with:

  • a deeper self-awareness and clarity of purpose
  • an expertise in managing one’s energy and the reactions of others
  • an ability to lead through influence and inspiration
  • an increase in effectiveness when facing complex challenges and decisions


“Abu Dhabi is going through an ambitious transformation that requires the support of young driven leaders. To enable this important effort, we are excited to launch Qiyada Emerging Leaders for young Emirati professionals. Through a year-long development journey of self-discovery, we hope to unlock both the personal and professional potential that will better equip participants not only to contribute to this transformation but to drive it.”

— Rima Assi, senior partner and program director

“We are committed to leadership growth. Our intent is to develop Abu Dhabi leaders into becoming among the best leaders for the world. The program is devised to offer something unique. It does not focus on functional and technical skills, rather focused on the introspective work of self-discovery, self-definition, and self-shaping.”

—Annette Bak Kirby, Aberkyn hub leader, Middle East

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