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At McKinsey I am surrounded by the most talented, experienced, and creative individuals.

Expectations for McKinsey

When I first joined McKinsey, I expected to learn something new every day, but my experience has far exceeded my expectations. Every single day is different. I am constantly given the chance to explore. Not only do I learn about different topics, but I am learning about myself as an individual and life in general.

For me, the most unexpected part of working at McKinsey has been the degree of trust you can earn. The standards are very high, but once you prove yourself, you earn a great deal of trust and freedom. This makes you feel like a leader in your own space, accentuates the nonhierarchical nature of the firm, and makes your personal impact clear on a daily basis.

Charting Your Own Course at McKinsey

After joining McKinsey, I was given the opportunity to explore several sectors of work. Once I knew I was deeply interested in government strategy and economic development, I was given the support I needed to find work in that space, deepen my knowledge, and build relationships with inspiring mentors.

The People at McKinsey

At McKinsey, I am surrounded by the most talented, experienced, and creative individuals, who all push me to my own limits. Everyone models remarkable qualities. I am truly excited to be part of this community.

Advice for those considering McKinsey

If you join McKinsey, you will constantly have questions coming from multiple angles—from your colleagues, your clients, and even yourself. These will push your capacity to think, to learn, and to discover new limits. You must be comfortable with not always knowing the answer, because part of our job is figuring out the answer and identifying the questions that remain.


American University of Beirut
BA, Economics

SOAS University of London
MA, Law, Development and Globalization