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Engagement Manager, Abu Dhabi
Background: Engineering

About Safa

The topics we address always require different and innovative approaches. This leads to phenomenal professional growth, especially because we are surrounded by skilled and motivated colleagues who actively support initiative-taking.

What attracted me to McKinsey was the scale of involvement the firm makes possible. My excitement grew as I got to know more about the range of industries and the breadth of the topics covered. Since joining, I have served multi-industry conglomerates and clients in telecommunications, private equity, and the public sector, covering functions like strategy, organisation, operations, and economic development. Every engagement has been a journey to create lasting and substantial impact for our clients.

Why the Middle East

I chose to join McKinsey in the Middle East because the potential for having influence and impact on a wide scale is tremendous. Many countries in the region are taking serious steps towards accelerated development, and I wanted to contribute. What firm other than McKinsey would facilitate this?

The value of a technical background

Coming from a technical and research background was actually an asset. My engineering degrees have helped me pursue practical solutions, gel well with clients at all levels, and in many instances helped me import solutions and approaches to address specific problems.

Life at full throttle

That excitement and sense of fulfilment you get when finishing anything important–like getting a degree or achieving a goal—we experience quite often at McKinsey. The tangible successes I’ve been involved in include setting a roadmap to create thousands of new jobs, tripling a conglomerate’s profit, and witnessing a change in management mind-set of “We can never do this” to “We can accomplish so much, I can’t wait to start!” This is what I like about McKinsey—living at a level of high excitement and alertness, and always aspiring to improve.


University College, London
PhD, electrical and electronic engineering—telecommunications

University College, London
MSc, electrical and electronic engineering—telecommunications