About Abdellah

McKinsey gives me the opportunity to work in the fields, industries, and types of engagement that I enjoy, especially those with complex and analytical problems.

After starting a career in banking and strategy consulting in Europe, I decided to join McKinsey to work on exciting and “game changing” projects in the Middle East. I wanted to join the friends and inspiring people that I had met who were working in Dubai and I knew there would be a good lifestyle for my family here. I had heard about the value of working at McKinsey from various people before I joined, but never have imagined how rewarding and exciting it would be.

As a senior hire without a business background, McKinsey offered me the opportunity to participate in a three-week mini-MBA in the United States. It covered the main MBA courses that are taught by Harvard, INSEAD, and Wharton MBA professors.

Working at McKinsey has greatly complemented my scientific and quantitative background, offering me the chance to grow into a leader, by working on “soft,” inter-personal skills as well as business and management skills.

Strategic engagements

During my first year at McKinsey, I worked on key engagements in a range of industries. Examples include defining the investment strategy for an emerging country in Africa as part of an economic development study, working on a strategy for a new city development, managing the post-merger situation of leading mining and minerals companies, studying the future of contemporary art in the region, and defining the optimal branch network for a leading bank in the region.


Ecole Polytechnique
MS, mathematical engineering