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Help wanted: Charting the challenge of tight labor markets in advanced economies

– For almost two decades, labor markets across advanced economies have tightened—and the trend is set to continue. This article provides a data-driven look via charts to understand the implications.

Investment: Taking the pulse of European competitiveness

– Investment is the simplest way to gauge Europe’s competitiveness—and the region’s investment pulse is low.

A new future of work: The race to deploy AI and raise skills in Europe and beyond

– To gain the full productivity benefits of generative AI and other technologies, Europe and the United States will need to focus both on improving human capital and accelerating technology adoption.

A better life everyone can afford: Lifting a quarter billion people to economic empowerment

– Lowering the costs of basic goods and services to improve living standards.


A microscope on small businesses: Spotting opportunities to boost productivity

– MSMEs are vital for growth and jobs, but struggle with productivity. The route to higher productivity lies in creating a win-win economic fabric for all companies.

Investing in productivity growth

– It’s time to raise investment and catch the next productivity wave.

Geopolitics and the geometry of global trade

– Global trade patterns are reconfiguring. More shifts are likely and businesses need to be aware of the potential trade-offs of different paths ahead.

Accelerating Europe: Competitiveness for a new era

– Turbulent times have highlighted new fragilities in Europe’s economies. Addressing them could be the catalyst for a new wave of competitiveness and growth.

An affordable, reliable, competitive path to net zero

– A successful net-zero transition will require achieving not one objective but four. We offer a guide to getting it right.

Asia on the cusp of a new era

– Asia will be the furnace in which a new era is forged—and may experience heightened versions of global challenges.

From poverty to empowerment: Raising the bar for sustainable and inclusive growth

– What would it take to raise minimum living standards and get on a net-zero path in this decade? Our research explores twin ambitions for people and the planet.

Generative AI and the future of work in America

– Which jobs will be in demand? Which ones are shrinking? And which ones could be hardest to fill?

What could a new era mean for Latin America?

– Current global challenges could usher in a new era. What might this mean for Latin American economies?

Empty spaces and hybrid places: The pandemic’s lasting impact on real estate

– Real estate in the world’s superstar cities has not kept up with shifts in behavior caused by the pandemic. The cities’ vibrancy is at risk, and they will have to adapt.

The economic potential of generative AI: The next productivity frontier

– Generative AI is poised to unleash the next wave of productivity. We take a first look at where business value could accrue and the potential impacts on the workforce.

Reimagining economic growth in Africa: Turning diversity into opportunity

– Africa’s economy downshifted over the last decade, yet half of its people live in countries that have thrived on the continent. Africa has the human capital and natural resources to accelerate productivity and reimagine its economic growth, which is, more than ever, vital for the welfare of the world.

The future of wealth and growth hangs in the balance

– The past two decades have generated $160 trillion in paper wealth but sluggish growth and rising inequality. What comes next?

Rekindling US productivity for a new era

– Regaining historical rates of productivity growth would add $10 trillion to US GDP—a boost needed to confront workforce shortages, debt, inflation, and the energy transition.


Chris Bradley

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Sydney

Kweilin Ellingrud

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Minneapolis

Sylvain Johansson

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Geneva

Nick Leung

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Hong Kong

Sven Smit

Senior Partner, Chair of Insights and Ecosystems, and Chair of McKinsey Global Institute, Amsterdam

Olivia White

McKinsey Global Institute Director and Senior Partner, Bay Area

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Article - Forbes

How leaders can deploy AI and boost skills for the new future of work

– The deployment of AI and generative AI along with other economic and business shifts is redefining work in Europe and the United... States, writes Kweilin Ellingrud in Forbes.
Article - World Economic Forum

Why closing the small business productivity gap can create enormous value for economies

– Micro-, small and medium-size enterprises play an underappreciated and outsized role in the global economy, accounting for 90%... of businesses. Yet small businesses struggle with productivity in comparison with large companies, despite them playing a central role in economic growth. Recent research from the McKinsey Global Institute highlights important implications on how best to tackle the MSME productivity problem, write Olivia White and Anu Madgavkar in World Economic Forum.

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