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The productivity puzzle

Why is productivity not higher given the spread of technology?

Productivity—a key driver of economic growth—was MGI’s original core theme, and remains a key topic 25 years later. Most recently, MGI has wrangled with the issue of the productivity puzzle—the question of why productivity is not growing faster given the increased penetration of technology—and also looked at the role of productivity in Latin American growth.

MGI leaders have presented their research on global growth at the annual conference of the Export Import Bank in Washington, the OECD Forum CEO roundtable in Paris, and the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences in Lindau, Germany. We also previewed the findings of a major MGI report on productivity in 2018 at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.


The productivity puzzle: A closer look at the United States

Despite increasing penetration of digital technology, US productivity growth has declined sharply since 2004. The question is, “Why?”

Where will Latin America’s growth come from?

Over the past 15 years, Latin American economies have, on average, grown faster than those of developed regions but still lagged far behind the growth of other developing economies.

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