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Our future lives and livelihoods: Sustainable and inclusive and growing

– Growth for all, growth for good. Here, we offer a proposal for business, government, and society leaders.

COVID-19: Implications for business

– Our latest perspectives on the coronavirus outbreak, the twin threats to lives and livelihoods, and how organizations can prepare for the next normal.

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Driving Asia's $10 trillion consumption growth opportunity

– Asian consumers are changing the way they shop and spend, and these shifts are creating a $10 trillion growth opportunity over... the next decade. Tiago Devesa, engagement manager in McKinsey's Sydney office, explains what these new consumption patterns are, and what this means for businesses.

The major forces influencing consumer choices in Asia today

– Naomi Yamakawa, partner in McKinsey’s Tokyo office, identifies the major forces driving consumer choices in Asia today, and why... leaders must now re-examine how they look at the region’s consumer markets.

What is driving adoption and advances for Industrial 4.0 technologies across Asia?

– Karel Eloot, senior partner in our Shanghai office, discusses what is driving adoption and advances for Industrial 4.0 technologies... across Asia, and shares how leaders should think about the future of manufacturing in region.
Impact Story

How a steel plant in India tapped the value of data—and won global acclaim

– By upskilling employees and innovating with analytics, Tata Steel’s plant in Kalinganagar, India, achieved performance gains... that earned it recognition as a leading digital facility by the World Economic Forum.
Executive Briefing

How Japan can make digital ‘big moves’ to drive growth and productivity

– The country could build digital talent and applications across major areas of industry and government to improve digital competitiveness.

The biopharma marketer of the future: Closing the gap

– Commercial leaders share the new skills brand marketers need in the digital era to move from brand building to revenue acceleration.

India’s economic turning point

– India, a high-growth emerging economy, has reached a crucial juncture. Will the crisis sparked by COVID-19 spur economic reforms... that position it to emerge stronger and meet the aspirations of its growing work force, or will economic stagnation take hold instead? This collection of articles and multimedia explores the potential in depth.

Hitting the road again: How Chinese travelers are thinking about their first trip after COVID-19

– A survey of 1,600 travelers shows how their travel patterns may change in the near term.

How digital innovation will transform Indonesia’s mining industry

– Technology that is readily available today can help mine operators improve their productivity and their workers’ well-being.

How companies can seize opportunity in Vietnam’s growing retail market

– Vietnam’s economic stability and growing middle class create an attractive retail environment. Companies need to embrace... three key trends to translate the opportunity into profitable enterprises.
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Joining the next generation of digital banks in Asia

– As the region’s regulators increase license allocations and set standards for the next wave of digital banks, there are... opportunities for both incumbents and new entrants to enter the arena.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Emerging stronger, fitter, faster: The rise of the Asian corporation

– Leading CEOs in Asia explain how COVID-19 has accelerated five business trends in the region and why they’re confident that... unprecedented opportunities lie ahead.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

How Asia can boost growth through technological leapfrogging

– Asia has experienced a significant technological transformation over the past decade, and there is more to come if the region... addresses remaining gaps in core capabilities.

The four technological capabilities that enabled Asia’s COVID-19 response

– Jeongmin Seong, partner at the McKinsey Global Institute based in our Shanghai office and co-author of Future of Asia, discusses... the existing capabilities that enabled Asia's relatively speedy and efficient response to COVID-19, and the country-specific measures that helped to bring the outbreak under control.
Discussion Paper - McKinsey Global Institute

The future of Asia: Decoding the value and performance of corporate Asia

– Corporations in Asia have grown in scale but lag behind the global average on profits, and the COVID-19 crisis poses new challenges.

South Korea’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

– How was South Korea able to stabilize the number of COVID-19 cases?

Korea’s ascent to the global stage

– Wonsik Choi, senior partner in McKinsey’s Korea office, discusses how Korea has been at the heart of global flows, outlining... the country’s impact on people, capital, and cultures around the world.

Asia’s digital advantage

– Jeongmin Seong, senior fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute, discusses the rapid development of Asia’s digital economy,... its impact on the global innovation space, and the important roles governments play in the Asian digital economy.

Korean manufacturing’s digital transformation must escape ‘pilot purgatory’

– South Korean manufacturers need more than gradual improvements—they need complete transformations through digital technologies.

The continued rise of South Korean private equity

– Solid returns and optimistic forecasts have made South Korea an increasingly attractive market for investors.
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Diagnosis on the organizational health and corporate culture of Korean companies

– Korean companies are faced with two challenges—business and organizational challenges—in new normal era. They have to achieve... performance in hostile environment and motivate people who pursue different value from older generations. McKinsey and KCCI investigated the magnitude of these challenges and found solutions. This report cover the analysis and implications of a Mega OHI survey of some 40,000 employees working at 100 Korean companies.
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